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Nina Ricci | Going back to the roots of inspiration.


They literally bring in a breath of fresh air:

Designer duo Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter present their first collection for Nina Ricci in February 2019. The looks are inspired by their caribbean roots - Rushemy originally comes from Curaçao, Lisi`s family from the Dominican Republic. Small details as high heels looking like snorkels, dresses which are inspired by parasols or colorful tops based on diving suits are subtle reminiscences to the designer’s heritage. Florian and Sebastian aka Kapturing have accompagnied them to the places they come from, grew up and studied. They met companions, family and friends and also had the chance to watch behind the scenes at Nina Ricci in Paris. The result is an intense documentary of who Lisi and Rushemy are, what inspires them and how they work.

The holistic approach of Kapturing is also reflected in the authentic presentation of the key looks: Kapturing creates videos which show the ongoing work of hair and make-up artists in the background. The sounds come from the original locations.

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