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Pascal Kerouche

It sounds like a modern fairytale: at the age of 20 Pascal, passionate for photography, filming and music, leaves his hometown in Germany and travels to the USA. His idea is to film a documentary about underground rap in New York. He has no money and no contacts, but a lot of endurance and luck. After a short time he gets in contact with the right musicians, his first photo jobs and finally the big chance to meet Snoop Dogg who is welcoming Pascal to his community.

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Pascal’s book Snapshot Stories gives insight into an exciting, unconventional world of rap and hip-hop with his intense snapshots. The photos are completed by short stories describing the people in front of the lense. For his second book Zwei Null Eins Sieben (2017) he additionally travels to Jamaica, the Philippines and also includes stories from the German rap culture. Both books are a huge success from the start.

With his work, he catches the awareness of the European culture channel Arte. They are featuring Pascal’s work and his book repeatedly in their weekly magazine Tracks which reports on current music, geek culture, cinema and artistic trends off the beaten track.

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